Frequently Asked Questions


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Where do I find images or photographs?

Our team maintains an image library, which can be used free-of-charge for many projects. However, there are times when new photos or videos are needed. Our Multimedia Specialist will help determine if this media can be created in-house – at no charge to you – or if a vendor will need to be hired. Our team will provide you with estimates before contracting for any vendor services.

How do I publicize gifts?

For major gift announcements and development-related news, contact Advancement’s Strategic Marketing and Communications Department. We will coordinate with your development team and University Relations to determine best placement and any additional media components needed (photos, video, etc.).

Who writes the copy for my projects?

It always helps for you to provide an initial draft, since it will convey a clear picture of what information you have, what might be needed and important nuances we may not know about. If you’re not able to provide a draft, be sure to allow more time for one of our writers to research the subject and conduct interviews.

Who does the design for my project?

One of our graphic designers will work with you and our writers to produce concepts, collect price estimates and coordinate with vendors to produce your materials. Expect our designers to talk with you about your audience, suggested tone, budget and quantity needed.

Do you charge for writing or design services?

Our team does not charge for its design and writing services. However, you are responsible for any printing, mailing and other vendor costs generated by your project. Our team will provide you with estimates before contracting for services.

Can your team help with my web project?

Revisions to your college’s or unit’s Website should be coordinated with your college or unit’s IT and Communications staff. Our team can assist with additions or revisions to UFAdvancementToolkit.com, creation of principal gift prospect sites, capital campaign-related sites or sites that support central development efforts. Depending upon our work load, it may be necessary to hire a vendor to achieve your goals and deadlines. As with other projects, the design and construction phase cannot begin until all content (text, images, video, etc.) are in-hand.

What if I see something I like on the Toolkit (or elsewhere), but it’s not a template?

We can work with you to design a similar communication, if it fits your needs and complements our existing branding and messaging.

I don’t have licenses for brand fonts. What should I do?

If you would like to request a license for brand fonts Quadon and Gentona visit the UF Brand Center. In the meantime, we recommend that you use Palatino Linotype and Arial for your materials.