As the University of Florida prepares to undertake the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history, we will need to forge tens of thousands of connections with alumni, community leaders and government officials, as well as with the leadership, faculty, staff and students of this exceptional institution. Comprehensive and coordinated communications will connect the vision of our dynamic university with the passions of our many and diverse donors.

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This guide will be updated periodically as our campaign communications evolve. As we solve new communications problems, pertinent information will be added.


Using these common elements when possible can save time and energy. More importantly, they help unify and strengthen the campaign brand.


The consistent and proper use of the campaign logo not only strengthens recognition for UF’s Go Greater Campain but also projects the university’s established reputation onto the many initiatives associated with the campaign.

The campaign logo pictured above anchors the entire visual identity system. It is used on all campaign communications, and its effectiveness relies on consistent presentation.

1) Block UF
The campaign’s Block UF is the visual connector of the university to the Go Greater campaign. The Block UF should be displayed with the wordmark at all times, and never used alone to identify the university or its units.

2) The wordmark
The wordmark is an adjusted letterform version of the campaign name “GO GREATER”. It cannot be replicated through typesetting.

3) The logo
Together the Block UF and wordmark are known as the campaign logo.

Logo Configurations

There are three approved configurations of the logo – stacked, vertical and horizontal. These 3 versions are distinct and should not be recreated. Download approved files here.

Minimum Size

When reproducing the campaign logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. A signature that is too small ceases to serve any useful communication function.

Print – The Block UF should not appear smaller than 3/8″ (0.375″) tall in print.

Web – The minimum size of the Block UF on screen is 36 pixels tall, but 50 pixels tall is preferred if possible.


Go Greater campaign elements are created to complement the existing UF brand typography, Gentona and Quadon. As the primary typeface, Gentona is often used in headlines or emphasized in the first line of body copy, but can also be used throughout. It is a modern, clean, sans serif.

To request a Gentona or Quadon font license visit


In keeping with the collaborative nature of UF, our campaign introduces a new typeface to complement the UF brand typography (Gentona and Quadon). The serif typeface, Alegreya, set primarily in italic, adds a layer of sophistication and complements the emotional narrative that shines throughout the Go Greater campaign. This font should only be used in campaign materials.

Alegreya is an open source font available for free at


In addition to creating tone, typefaces can be used together to create emphasis and a visual hierarchy that assists the reader with navigating your text. This can be achieved using fonts, weights, color and point size.

The combination of serif and sans serif fonts is a classic pairing, and Gentona and Alegreya are eminently compatible. Using one for headers and the other for body copy is a reliable way to create visual interest without complicating things.


Typography adds tone to our text, and it can add impact and personality to a layout when used as a big and bold graphic element.

In addition to their utility, Gentona, Quadon and Alegreya were chosen as our university fonts for their beautiful lines, curves, and angles. Use them to their full advantage. Take them beyond the usual parameters. Try them large. Abstract. See what happens.


Consistent use of color supports visual cohesion across our communications and leverages emotional resonance with our brand. When combined with photos of our people, places and work, color enhances the depth and increases the impact of our storytelling.

Primary Color Palette

PMS 172 Coated / 021 Uncoated
RGB 250,70,22
HEX #fb6502

PMS 287 Coated/Uncoated
RGB 0,48,135
HEX #00529b

Secondary Color Palette

CMYK 90,12,95,40
RGB 4,106,56
HEX #006b35

PMS 123 Coated / 128 Uncoated
RGB 252,175,23
HEX #d5a736


Flight Lines – Examples of Variations
Flight lines represent the global reach of the university’s efforts. The overlapping and intersection of the lines represent the spirit of collaboration as we come together to Go Greater. There is no single appropriate execution of these graphic elements. We have created some that you can download, but we urge you to create and share new versions that suit the particular communications piece you are creating. Below are examples of ones we have created.

Color as Narrative Element
The driving force of the Go Greater campaign is its orange and blue colors. Used individually, or in tandem, orange represents the emotional motivator (feeling) and blue represents the practical application (doing). Using these colors consistently as narrative elements illustrates the impact of UF and how we Go Greater.

Branding Workshop Videos


On February 15 and 16 branding workshops were held to share the Go Greater Campaign communications framework and provide examples of how colleges and units might implement those elements to craft a coordinated branding and messaging effort. These videos reflect those workshops:

  • Videos 1-4: strategic session focuses on campaign planning and strategy development.
  • Videos 5-7: tactical session focuses on the campaign style guide and toolkit and on adaptation and implementation at the college and unit level.
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Planning Documents